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"When I started smart coffee I was looking for weight loss and energy. What I got was so much more! I did loose a few pounds (and several inches! Whooo!) and the energy is unlike any other supplements I’ve tried. Caffeine doesn’t do it for me, much like most people these days; this is nothing like your average cup of joe.  
The biggest difference for me has been the long term effects. As someone who has suffered with depression, anxiety, and ptsd consistency particularly in my mood was not something I ever thought I would be able to achieve but after 3 months of daily use both my husband AND my 6yo daughter had commented on how much calmer and happier I had been “lately”. My daughter even commented on how she had noticed I hadn’t yelled at anyone; one of the things I struggled most with when I was anxious." ~ Britni S. (June 2018)
We are out of FREE Samples as of March 15, 2018 (we past out several hundred between January, February and March 2018...as stated while supplies lasted). We realized sometime in June 2018, someone posted the link and it was shared several hundred times after we discontinued it. Subsequently, we have had over 11,000 requests for this product in the last 14 days! Clearly people are looking for the benefits of this awesome product. We are working on something equally awesome to offer you that will have a WAY greater value! Please fill out your information below and we will let you know VERY shortly when it's available!
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